Amazon and Western Union team up to make it easier to shop online then pay with cash.

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Amazon helps their buyer who cannot pay online and they want to pay cash. Amazon provides them a simple solution that they buy online then go to western union to pay your dollar bills. Now in the US, the amazon pay code is available internationally. When you go to the site of amazon for shopping you have to click on check out then you will receive a code and number. Then within 24 hours, you have to go to a local western union where you show your code and number and you can pay cash for your purchase. After this, the feedback of customers was that they love the process of online shopping because they love to pay cash. The Amazon director “Ben Volk” by collaborating with the western union we are providing you the easiest way to online shopping. But there is also a problem that millions of Americans do not have a bank balance and credit card so they do auto bills or eat not have the ability to pay at that restaurant that does

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The people that do not have a credit card or bank account have faced another problem that they do not participate in online shopping and neither becoming part of the online economy. But Amazon makes it easy by introducing the pay code and they will also be expanding his Amazon cash. In 2017, they began this service and customers go to their location or their stores and they can add $5 to $500 and can make their online purchase. But in the US after 100,000 locations this offer would not be available. We should not pay an extra fee for that service. But the use of mobile payment apps and credit cards make lives easy and faster and also it reduces the risk of theft. But according to FDIC 6.5% of US households did not have bank accounts and 18.7% had accounts but mostly they did not use them. In 2017, 16.9% of the population of African-American did not have bank accounts.

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According to FDIC, 14% of households of Latino did not have bank accounts. Different cities and states like San Francisco, New Jersey, and Philadelphia facing the problem that retailer did not accept their cash. But sometimes customers also prefer to use cash because they said by using credit cards and paying online their private information can be tracked. Now in san, Francisco and new york Amazon has their Go stores where people go and pay their cash. So it accepts the paper currency of people all over time.

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