Beauty Vlogger's Equipment

Beauty vlogger equipment

In past times, people do many efforts to learn about the craft of makeup. They join many expensive courses and learn about that makeup craft. But nowadays, youtube makes it possible to learn makeup craft and you become a vlogger. Youtube provides you free service to learn and become a vlogger by yourself. Over the years the strength of the beauty vlogger has increased day by day and people want to share their skills with full enthusiasm. So if you want to become a beauty vlogger then you need a proper guide and become a beauty vlogger Beauty vlogger equipment.

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First, you have to choose your niche. Second, the equipment you have to require is high-quality cameras, a mic, lighting, and a tripod. You need these four types of equipment to become a beauty vlogger.  Now a day’s beauty vlogger has great opportunities and a career. Because every woman loves to learn makeup craft and they want to look beautiful. A high-quality camera does not mean that this is too much expensive, it means it has good features and its result is impressive.

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For example, you can use canon power shot SX620. It is neither too expensive nor cheap it has HD quality, the 20.2-megapixel sensor with LED screen. So this is the best camera for beginners to become a beauty vlogger. If you afford an expensive camera you can buy Panasonic Lumix GH5. It is expensive but this is a worthwhile investment and you can buy once as a becoming inspiring guru of beauty.

That camera has 4k ultra HD quality and 60 fps that make your makeup look outstanding on the screen. But if you cannot afford any type of camera at the start then you can use your smartphone. That has a high-quality camera and gives the awesome look of your makeup on screen. The camera has a mic with them but if you afford an extra mic then you can buy an extra mic for your videos. Because it helps you to control your voice and you can easily remove and reduce your background noise.

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Beauty vlogger equipment Like Blue snowball is very fantastic. Many beauty vloggers use this mic and have good experience with this. It delivers your voice very clear and audibly and you do not need any software to install it. Also, this is a good mic for beginners’ beauty vloggers. If you want to use a USB mic then you can use blue yeti.

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Lightening is an important part of recording a video. You will use natural light in day time for video recording. But sometimes we do not have time in the daytime to record a video. So you have to buy artificial lighting for video recording and place this in your room.  Newer 18-inch white ring light is an amazing light you can buy and use for your video recording. The last thing you need is a tripod to adjust the proper angle of your camera during recording a video. The best tripod is the Joby JBO1503 gorilla pod. This is best for your camera.

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