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The women in this world are famous for their fashion sense. Their fashion sense makes them glamorous and beautiful from other ones. Their dress, style, and skincare make them different and unique from other women’s. When celebrities like Michelle Obama Kamala Harris Angela Bassett garnered attention from other women for their fashion style and beauty tips. Their style becomes a global fashion icon. Then their fashion was followed by other women who loved them and also their fashion and beauty tips.

In 2013, the Cashawn Thompson was popularized due to black girl magic. The black girl magic is a way to celebrate the beauty and fashion tips of black women. Michelle Obama presents the Black girl rock awards through her speech. The Black women around the world present their beauty through their fashion sense and beauty tips. Their dressing style and beauty tips impress others and attract females towards their fashion. Their glamorous beauty is so attractive that induces other girls to follow their fashion.

 We’ve learned a lot from Michelle Obama, over the years; grace under pressure, impeccable style, and confidence in the face of adversity… And now, we get to learn how to emulate her glowing, goddess-like skin, because her longtime facialist, a.k.a. the “skin guru” Jennifer Brodeur (who has a clientele roster that also includes Oprah Winfrey), just shared Michelle’s skincare secrets.

These celebrities are public figures. These look young as these were in their modeling days. This is due to their beauty tips. Their glossy lips look fresher due to their fantastic lip-gloss. Their eyelashes look more attractive when they are talking due to their fabulous mascara. These two things make their face more fresh and attractive when they are in front of the public. And their glamorous skin makes them different from other women’s.

I am woman of color so I suggest other women do care for their skin by eating healthy food for breakfast. This is the best care for your skin to doing a healthy breakfast in the morning. You can drink juices and green smoothies to start the day of light. Before this, good sleep is the best way to stay healthy. These celebrities give time to their health to look fresh and energetic. The one secret from their beauty tips is taking proper rest and sleep well. If any women look younger than her age then they should not take any type of stress. 

The girls need to wash their makeup before going to sleep. This tip naturally nurtures skin at night. The former First Lady’s skincare regimen is surprisingly simple. When Brodeur met Michelle back in 2014, she wanted to focus on fading Michelle’s pigmentation and discoloration in the hope of a more even skin tone, she told Refinery 29. Hyperpigmentation is one of the biggest skin concerns for women of color. In this condition, the skin becomes darker than their normal color. The darkening occurs due to accessing to melanin pigment production. The normal skin color deposit behind this darkness.

The Melania set skincare line Caviar Complexe C6 to make the skin fresh and natural. This contains protein, vitamins, and omega3. To look young these celebrities also consume vitamin A, C, and E to keep skin more radiant and young.

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We started with an anti-inflammatory system, and then it was about integrating more vitamin Cs and then vitamin A in the evening,” Brodeur explains. Vitamin C is widely known for its brightening powers; it fades dark spots over time and imparts an illuminating glow to the skin. This is why, before every speaking engagement, Brodeur treats Michelle’s skin with a vitamin C facial. That’s why Michelle’s had a glow on their skin. She is a very confident and glowing lady due to take care of her skin. The other women follow this secret of Michelle’s Obama skincare. She loved them. She takes care of her skin at that time of age. She looks more active and young than others. She has an impressive personality that induces women to follow their beauty tips and style. Their fashion sense is unique as she is.  

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