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Hello welcome back to my website today’s blog post is going to be very short and sweet.

I’m going to show you guys my secret to making your lips look a lot bigger than they actually are.

We are going to show you guys my three easy steps to achieving fuller lips in just minutes.

There are no lip injections needed ever.

Since I picked up this trick it has become such a staple element of my makeup routine.

I just want to point out to you guys how easy it is to enhance your natural beauty before picking up that needle.

Here are step by steps on how I make my lips look more full and juicy.

Step 1:

So step number one is exfoliating your natural lips.

This is gonna make your lips look immensely bigger and also it’s gonna get all of the dead skin cells off.

It’s gonna get the blood flowing and just make your lips look way more plump, make sure to be careful when you’re exfoliating , be very gentle ,you don’t really want to do this more than like three times a week.

They say that it makes your lips even drier, to begin with, so just be careful with that.

Also when you’re exfoliating be gentle while you’re doing it.

You don’t want to break your skin or anything so there are two alternatives to exfoliating your lips.

Number one is a toothbrush, I just like to get my toothbrush and kind of just move in circular motions or you can use a lip scrub.

We love the Organic Mint , it is our favorite our lip scrub & also the flavored cherry soda, it’s so yummy.

Another alternative to this would just be honey and sugar it gets the same job done.

I’m gonna do both today because why the hell not, I’m gonna start off with my toothbrush.

I’m just gonna go in a circular motion, it just already immediately brought a little bit more of life back to my lips , so i take this little scrub ,just take a little bit of it in my hand.

I think this is also edible too and it tastes like a dream ,just gonna be running them in circular motions.

So now that our lips are exfoliated and fresh and plump I’m gonna move on to step two and that is lip liner.

Step 2:

I have been on the search for a lip liner that matches my lips almost perfectly.

But a little bit more on the pinky side, because what you are doing, you want them to stand out a little bit.

You would like the surface to possess a bit more dimension in order that they look like more 3d.

So one among my favorite lip liners is the This is a.. girl lip liner.

it is so cheap then amazing and that I love it glides on , this is in the shade natural.

This shade works for me but you really just want to make sure to get a shade.

That works for your skin tone, you want it to be a touch bit darker than your lips.

And that I prefer it a touch bit more on the pink side you’ll go nude as well

So it’s really up for preference so my trick when it comes to lip liner.

I love to overline my lips but you actually want to make sure that when you’re overlining your lips.

But you’re doing it in the very center and when you’re going towards the edges, you want to stay true to your line.

Because then that is when it becomes a dead giveaway.

Because you’re going from your Cupid’s bow all the way to here.

And you can really see that line right there and you’re just gonna make your lips look a little bit more ducky.

That we want to achieve so where I’m going to start is the edges of my lips and I’m going to stay true to my line and then I’m gonna do the Cupid’s bow at the end.

So now that we have the edges are drawn on we’re gonna start at Cuba’s vote.

I’m really gonna draw it right above my lip line and not too high or else.

It’s gonna look a little ridiculous you’re gonna want to keep it right above.

It almost like right where the crease ends.

I like to bend my lip behind my teeth to give me a better line.

Then what I prefer to try to do is simply drag the lip liner into the lip.

But not all the thanks to the top a bit like towards the center.

So it’s not a harsh line and the bottom it’s going to be the same the thing.

We’re going to start true to the sides of our lips and then as we get to the center.

That’s one where we can start faking it and you’ll end it about right there because your bottom lip naturally just creases downwards.

You can get away with lining it a little bit more than the top lip and when you look at naturally proportioned lips the bottom the lip is always a little bit bigger than the top.

Step 3:

Now step three which is lipstick that moves us on to step three which is lipstick.

I like to go in with a matte lipstick I just prefer that way more than a glossy lip especially. If you’re over lining your lips the gloss is really going to show that crease.

And how much you’re over lining your lip and you just really don’t want that so when you’re really gonna over line your lips.

I recommend using a matte lipstick I can’t even begin to explain this product. it’s amazing for making your lips look naturally bigger and it just dries like you have nothing on your lips.

But it gives you a really nice tint and it just melts in the lip liner really well this specific one is in the shade at sea sand.

So if you can see the top it’s basically just like a little sponge and I like to apply that to the lips.

And what I do is really try to get as close to that lip liner as possible just to make everything look blended.

I really just melted all that lip liner in and I made everything just look so even and sheer.

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And I love it alright guys my secret is out I hope you guys enjoyed this Blog post.

I hope it was easy to follow if you guys decided to purchase these products. and tried them out on yourself Please go to our shop and buy our products and good price.

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