AFTERPAY IS AVAILABLE .... FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! proudly Features Our Friend, The Devine & Talented, Black ,Woman Owned Business of the week ..Meals By China LLC. !! 678.539.0216

Truly, “An Angelic dining experience.” Thank you for following as I share catering events, meal preps, and personal chef photos, descriptions, and pricing. My intent is to bring home back into your house 1 belly at a time.

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We also customize for vegans ad vegetarians, Meal prep can be for any reason, Feed the family,

Swag ‘n’ Surf

Seafood Menu 24hr notice and prepay



Full service catering availabe

100 Black chair covers for rent


Minimum 25 to rent at $2 each with a refundable $20 deposit. Must be returned in like condition.

Nothing like a refreshing salad


Romaine Refresh is provided with or without craisins and pecans

Appetizers that are simple, yet filling


Spring mix chicken salad. Give them a handful of bliss.

Now available Sunday thru Saturday with 24hrs notice and prepay


Lobster & Shrimp Platter $65


Double Shrimp Plate for 1 $35


8-10 Big Bang Platter $185


Creamy Butter Garlic Sauce


Shrimp Plate for $25

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