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When you can expect to receive the $600 stimulus check?

House approves increasing stimulus checks to $2,000 for Americans, sends bill to Senate!

As of last week, direct deposits from the IRS were expected to hit bank accounts before Dec. 31, with paper checks and debit cards sent out to all eligible households by Jan. 15. But with the president’s delay in signing the bill, the payments may take slightly longer to arrive.

IRS will be able to make most payments faster than first round.

Most households are expected to receive the payment more quickly than they received the first stimulus check, because the IRS now has most eligible people’s bank account information or home address on file.

Those with their direct deposit information on file with the IRS are first in line to receive a payment. If the agency does not have your direct deposit information, it will mail you a paper check or send a pre-paid debit card to the address it has on file for you. This will take longer, though payments are expected to begin in the next few weeks.

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